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Hello 👋, thank you so much for considering Convoy! Read more below for more information about how we license Convoy.

Types of Licenses

Personal License

Price: free

  • You can use Convoy in non-production environments and without monetary gain.

Enterprise License

Price: $6 per node per month Subscribe here

  • You can use Convoy to for production environments and with monetary gain (e.g. selling vps's)
  • You get to hear more in-depth about changes, especially breaking changes and solutions.
  • Self upgrade scripts (coming soon)
  • Server templates (Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, etc)
  • Better guides/manuals

Partner License

Price: Name Your Price

  • Everything that's included in enterprise license
  • Must properly represent Convoy with your business/organization.
    • You're still free to customize the panel with your own branding, but users/clients must be able to discover Convoy easily and reasonably, whether it is a section on your website that tells the user that it's powered by Convoy or a footer text on the Convoy panel also detailing the same message.


Partner licenses are available to only a select few, including those who supported Convoy's development with donations. We are considering having a process for partnership: writing an essay and participating in an interview. However, it's not finalized and is subject to change.

Non-profit License

Price: Free

  • Everything that's included in enterprise license but without any monetary gain.


Why Should I Subscribe?

Convoy is being developed by one person and have been in development for 2+ years. By subscribing, you help support my work and promote a new type of panel that is open (Convoy's code is publicly available if you didn't know). Thank you for your consideration!

- Eric W.

Eric W.

Well, I Can Just Pirate Convoy Because Its Source Is Publicly Available

Please don't do that. If you are running a business, your business's reputation is at risk for not supporting the time and effort I put into my work. I can also file a takedown notice too.

Please use Convoy through ethical means because I don't want to spend a lot of time in adding DRM, license-checkers, or obfuscation-they take away time that I can otherwise use on making Convoy more stable, performant, and featureful. In addition, obfuscation is against my original vision of having a panel that's open.

If you get a license, do anything you want with your installation of Convoy. You have the right to use it! Want to add billing? Sure! Want to add a support center? Yep! Want to turn it into a Shopify store that sells cat-themed socks along with servers? Sure... I guess-you have the right to do that anyways!

Can I buy a lifetime/unrestricted license?

Sorry, I am not offering that type of licenses at the moment for the masses. However, I do hear you guys. I know how irritating it is today to pay for a subscription for absolutely everything, and I will consider different types of licenses (e.g. perpetual licenses but locked to a specific version of Convoy). But please bear with me while the subscription model is $6/node/month. If you are really in need of a discounted license (e.g. you're a new company or you've suffered heavy losses), please let me know and we can work out a solution. I am a person, not some large corporation. We can definitely work together.

Created by Eric Wang